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Product Description

  • A variety style of collars, such as male and female’s visible and invisible placket.
  • Through the expanding adjustment of slope for up and down feed dog and differential rate, the sewing for all kinds of fabric can be adjusted to the best condition.
  • Its output is 2500 per 7 inch touchable screen which including straightway symbols and corresponding keys make it easy to select sewing functions and adjust parameters.
  • Files can be directly downloaded or transmitted through the USB connector.
  • Global innovation movable head design makes sewing distance adjustment easier.
  • Laser positioning light is equipped in the working stand and material-preparation stand, so it makes working more efficient.
Model # Needle Needle # Needle
Thread # Pocket
Size (mm)
JK-T5878-68 TDPx1 11#-14# 1 1-50 2 10-280 4000 2100*1000*1350 200/300

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