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Product Description

  • Bar tacking and button attaching can be transferred easily.
  • Increase efficiency a minimum of 15% and saving cost.
  • Electronic thread tension device is effective to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing, problem of tightness of thread which makes sure of a beautiful stitch.
  • Maximum for 200 patterns. with USB key, easy to add patterns and upgrade.
  • Better for heavy fabric.
  • New gover new cover, suitable for sewing.
  • Sewing area 60x40mm, Suitable for elastic attaching.
  • Sewing area 60x40mm, Suitable for small pattern sewing.
Model # Needle Needle # Thread # Length of
Bar Tracking
Width of
Bar Tracking
height (mm)
JK-T1900BSK DPx5 16 1 2 40 30 13 3000 805*375*760 45/64.5

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